Pride was fun. We escorted Dan from Davis; he was in full drag as Jasmine, very hot (in both senses) and guaranteed to be the center of attention.

We arrived at the appointed location and met up with Erin, who seemed much more excited and chatty than at the LJ meetup long ago, though it’s equally likely that I was being nervous and quiet back then.

Nobody else from the BRC was around, and we had no banner. It would have looked pretty sad to have just the four of us holding a banner anyway. Poly Boston were ahead and the NELA were behind (no, not that NELA, nor that one). I was the only one dressed in black, so we joined Poly Boston for the day and chatted to Mycroft.

Being Jasmine’s entourage made the march a riot of screaming fans, and the poly thing seemed to be universally popular too, as opposed to the snarky comments from a few people last year when they saw the bi banner. There will be pictures as soon as I get around to downloading them. sara was running around photographing all the rainbow-decorated dogs she could find for a “Dogs of Pride” page.

On arriving at the park we grabbed some food and a drink, then ended up escorting Dan back to Davis and not wandering around too much. The morning had started overcast, but the sun had unexpectedly appeared just as the parade started. Contrary to the weather forecast of thunderstorms, any alleged deities watching had declined to issue a thunderbolt. It had turned into a blazing hot early afternoon, and sara had had more than enough sun for the day.