Life after death

Question from Dan

Do you believe in life/consciousness/existence/etc. after death? Whether you believe or not, do you find yourself with a clear picture of what “the afterlife is like”?

I don’t believe in life after death… but I wouldn’t say I believe it’s impossible either. I officially Don’t Know.

I will say that the “soul” model of life after death seems staggeringly unlikely to me. The Buddhist ideas make much more sense, and seem to fit very well with some of the ideas about consciousness that science is starting to come up with. (There was a recent Scientific American that covered scientific theories of consciousness.)

I don’t have any clear picture of what the afterlife is like. I have a model of how a universe with multiple deities might work, which I tend to apply to RPGs such as D&D. I’m also gradually collecting ideas around how the afterlife might work for a possible novel. If I ever write it it could be one of the few theological science fiction comedy thrillers.