Possibly the latest ever LJ meme response

Question from Dan

How do you define the difference between a primary and a secondary relationship? Do you personally choose to use those terms?

How do I define the difference? Well, I don’t really. I suppose if I had to, I’d say that a primary relationship is the one that takes precedence when there’s a scheduling difficulty or when there’s not enough quality time to go around.

I don’t really use the terms myself, because I’m not very positive on the whole poly thing.

I mean, I know that it’s possible to fall for more than one person at once. I know that it’s possible to be someone’s non-exclusive partner without feeling jealousy when they’re with someone else. However, something seems wrong about the Pokémon approach to polyamory that a lot of people seem to have (“gotta catch’em all!”). It really mystifies me why anyone who wasn’t bi would actively seek to be poly, just like it kinda mystifies me why someone who wasn’t bi would want to be.