Travel ambitions [updated]

A question from Dan

What are the top ten places you want to visit before you die (they can be places you’ve already been, if you want to go back)?

Well, I don’t keep a list, so I might miss a few important ones, but here are ten…

I’d like to go to Japan. I think it would probably require that I be accompanied by someone who spoke some Japanese, however.

Paris again.

Rome again, particularly the Pantheon. I could give the Vatican a miss second time around. Generally the Roman stuff in Rome is the stuff worth seeing.

I’d like to go to Dealey Plaza, and visit the book depository. Bill Hicks did, and said that it was obvious that there was no way even a marksman could have shot JFK from there, which intrigues me. I expect there’s not much reason to go to Dallas, though.

Amsterdam, to check it out as a possible place to escape to. [Done!]

The Moon, or at least low Earth orbit. I suspect I’m going to have to learn to live with disappointment, however.

When I was younger, I always wanted to go to Colorado, particularly Boulder. I’m not really sure why, I just did—rather like how I always wanted to go to Canada, and people would always ask me why.

I’d like to go to a Skunk Show. There’s one in Ohio and the big one down in Florida.

Las Vegas. Just to get the full-on USA experience. [Done!]