Rent-A-Negro followup

In case anyone didn’t work it out, it was Internet performance art by Damali Ayo. See also an interview with the artist, an ABC feature, and a letter she wrote to friends and family.

According to the latest Harper’s magazine, several hundred apparently serious inquiries have been posted via the site; I suspect a charming educated black person could make a living by being a token-for-hire. Here are a couple:

Tell us about yourself: This is purely informational. I’ve never known a black person in my life and I’m soooo curious!
Event type: Individual
# of people at event: 1
Location: New York, N.Y.

Tell us about yourself: I am an executive at an oil and gas company and most of my colleagues are white. I am looking for diversity at our functions.
Event type: Private/Personal Gathering
# of people at event: 75
Description: Business networking event
Have you used black people before? Yes
Did you pay? I paid
Experience with black people? How many? Yes, 5
Experiences have been: Negative
Describe: Negative images on television

The artist should publish a book of all the responses…