Quote of the week

Sergeant Darin Snapp explains the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a dead body in one of the rooms of the Capri Motel, Kansas City:

No formal identification has yet been made, but the motel manageress thinks it’s the body of the previous occupant of the room. She hadn’t seen the man for several days, and assumed that he’d run off without paying, so she rented the room out to a new guest. The dead man, wearing only a nun’s wimple and fishnet tights, was under the bed. The cleaning crew found it when they lifted the mattress, but you wonder how on earth they’d missed it when they’d prepared the room earlier, because the body was putrefying. The Capri has been closed down several times in the past for indecency and poor hygiene, and their cleaning routine clearly leaves a lot to be desired. But on the other hand, it is a very competitively priced motel with many facilities, including a gym and a pool table.”

—Quote from Fredricksburg News via Private Eye; story details reported in AP, ABC, etc.