14 October 2003

Captain Jazzmag

The whole Secret Crush Meme thing reminds me of a cartoon in Viz. One week there was a new cartoon strip—Captain Jazzmag! Simply send a fiver to this super-hero, and he would save you from embarrassment by going and buying some porn for you and sending it in a plain brown envelope.

Next week, the mysterious super-hero was back… as Captain Blackmail! The people whose initials were mentioned were instructed to send another fiver, or he’d print their names…

I can’t help wondering if the Crush Meme was intended to teach the LJ population a valuable message about security. I mean, I’ve seen other memes go past that involved entering all kinds of personal data, or even LJ usernames and passwords, into anonymous web sites… and I’ve thought “Sheesh, what are these people thinking?”

What I can’t work out is why it reckons only one person has a public crush on me, when I can think of at least two. Dammit, maybe I’ll have to send money…

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