Domino on Gentoo vs SuSE

Well, I hated SuSE so much that in desperation I decided to try Gentoo running the latest kernel 2.6 test release, to see if the threading in that was viable enough that it would run the binary-only software in question… aw, hell, I may as well admit it’s the Lotus Domino Server 6.5.

Anyway, it worked. So now I’ve got Domino 6.5 running on Gentoo, with full SMP support. It wouldn’t run on RedHat, but kernel 2.6 includes all the good stuff. Now to see if I can get RAID-5 set up. Sure, it’s not a supported configuration, but it’s not like we’re entitled to any support anyway.

My main beef with SuSE, in the end, turned out to be the awfulness of the update process. Download ISOs of a service pack CD, mount them via loopback, start an ugly full-screen application, tell it where the CD is mounted, then wait as it takes forever to apply the patches. Finally it brought up a dialog saying “ERROR: Update complete”, and I almost died laughing. There’s supposed to be a network-based update process, but I couldn’t coax it into working after trying three different sets of what claimed to be update servers.