First, a tale of true love:

It was, “Let’s see if you can do some of the best action ever filmed and, if you can’t, you’ll know you’re not as good as you think you are, you have limitations, stick to dialog.” I was daring myself to hit my head on the ceiling of my talent.

—Quentin Tarantino

Anyway, yesterday I spent over an hour walking, as part of stage one of my plan to get fit. Will Self puts it like this:

I’ve taken to long-distance walking as a means of dissolving the mechanized matrix which compresses the space-time continuum, and decouples humans from physical geography.

Me, I listen to radio shows on the iPod. Yesterday, This American Life, which is excellent but occasionally depressing. “The Annoying Gap Between Theory and Practice” was no exception. The segment about the new voting machines does a good job of getting across the kind of jaw-dropping stupidity that those of us of a more technical bent find in RISKS digest. I was somewhat surprised that it didn’t even mention that all the voting machine companies are run by Republicans, or that Diebold’s CEO has pledged his support to making sure Bush gets elected next time. Liberal media my ass.

Then in the third segment, they trail a newly elected, once intensely idealistic politician for three days. The surface message is interesting, but what’s really compelling is the deeper message in which we hear how the political system destroyed his soul and turned him into another career politician.