In case you missed it

According to Asia Business Times, many US corporations are preparing major efforts to shift jobs from the US to countries like India and China. A few of the big names: Microsoft, IBM, AT&T Wireless, Disney, AOL Time Warner, and News International (Fox). You probably haven’t seen many big announcements, though. As the Times explains:

…on the threshold of a US presidential election year, job losses are a hot button issue. A company that highlighted a major job transfer could wind up in the campaign debate.

Yes, they’re holding off on the triumphant “we’re saving millions of dollars and making our rich stockholders even richer by shipping jobs to India” announcements, because they don’t want to risk encouraging people to vote for an administration slightly less cosy with big business than the current one.

The corollary: If Bush is re-elected, look for massive rounds of layoffs immediately afterwards.