Going native, you betcha!

I got a slow cooker. The idea is pretty simple:

  • Chop up vegetables.
  • Put them in the slow cooker.
  • Add water, herbs, spices, and other miscellaneous ingredients.
  • Turn on the slow cooker in the morning.
  • Go to work.
  • Come home in the evening.
  • Hot nutritious meal sitting waiting for you! No cooking!

In Minnesota, this is called hotdish. They have hotdish evenings, a form of potluck supper where everyone brings a crock-pot of something or other to share. That’s why our slow cooker came with a wipe-clean insulated carrying case…

In our case, the idea is less about suburban social events and more to do with a desire to eat less stuff that comes out of boxes. The problem with cooking is that when you get home, you don’t want to spend an hour or two doing it, and most recipes require fairly intense involvement. Slow cooking has plenty of recipes which require practically no involvement, and you can do the prep the previous night after you’ve eaten and rested.