Educational vs non-educational TV shows

The US Department of Education has changed its policy regarding which TV shows should be provided with closed captions for the deaf. The new criteria are secret, and were decided by a five-member panel of people whose names are also secret. All that we know is that the rules set down by Congress require that captioned material be “educational and informational”.

So, to help illustrate the difference between factual educational programs and non-educational entertainment, here are some examples from the official list of updates produced by the panel.


AMC Documentaries
VH1 Behind The Music
CNN en Espanol Deportes (Sports)
Daytime Court trials
Documentary: Gay Hollywood
Documentary: Hell Up in Hollywood: Soul Cinema & the 1970’s
Documentary: Hollywood & the Holocaust
Documentary: Hollywood & the Muslim World
Hollywood Lives and Legends
AE Investigative Reports
Lifetime Intimate Biographies of Women
Reel Radicals: The 60’s Revolution in Film
Time Squad

Officially EDUCATIONAL for deaf people:

21st Century Astrology
ABC Good Morning America
Amazing Animal Videos
Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent
Bob the Builder
Cory the Clown Show
Degrassi: The Next Generation
ESPN2 Sports Figure
FOX News
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Play Piano In A Flash
Robinson Crusoe
The Fountainhead
The Time Machine
Vanity Fair