So just how hot is it in Austin, really?

After some controversy over just how bad the weather gets in Austin, I decided to go pick up some actual historical data from the NOAA web site.

First, the monthly averages, in turn averaged for 1931-2000:

Austin TX52.155.762.269.475.981.684.184.179.371.261.054.3
Boston MA24.726.435.245.957.065.971.
Minneapolis MN9.415.127.443.456.866.571.368.758.947.429.715.6

Of course, averages don’t tell the whole story—so I took the last ten years of monthly maximum temperatures, and found the maximum of the maxima for each of three locations…

Boston area42.6645.2654.4764.277.384.2889.2983.7478.3167.6358.3847.65
San Antonio67.7673.9678.4785.1793.4799.16100.3698.8694.7786.7776.9767.56

Now we’re watching “Insomniac” with Dave Atell. By some strange quirk of fate Dave’s in Austin in this episode. I must say, sara seems to approve of the all-female roller derby…