Security woes at work

I got flagged for having failed an automated security scan at work. I explained that the scanner program was wrong, and that I was running anti-virus software. The next month I got flagged again, explained again. This time they said the problem was that I wasn’t running the exact version on the internal download site.

I said yes, of course I wasn’t. The version on the download site was over three years old, and caused Windows 2000 instability resulting in BSODs. So I’d purchased a supported version, legally, and installed that. I pointed out that the security standards didn’t require that I run an outdated version; they just required that I run a version with up-to-date virus definitions.

I was told I would continue to show up as a security hazard, because they had no intention of fixing the scanner software. At this point, I said “Fuck it” and wiped Windows off the hard drive entirely, replacing it with Linux. I replied telling them what I’d done and asked them to remove me from their junk mail list and stop bothering me.

On the plus side, I am now 100% Microsoft free, both at home and at work.

I also got a new ThinkPad. Or rather, a less old ThinkPad. All previous attempts to get an upgrade had been refused but the auditors are coming in a week or two, and my 600X was out of warranty and would have been flagged as a problem, so basically the local Mordac was embarrassed into having to find me a replacement. So I now have a T23 with 768MiB of RAM, which is a major improvement. I’ll be giving back the 600X as soon as I take out my own RAM which I had to buy because Mordac wouldn’t give me any more than the 128MiB it came with.

The T23 definitely isn’t as sturdy as a 600, and the keyboard is a bit crap, but it’s a lot faster. It might even be fast enough to make GNOME usable, not that I’m going to try. (I read that Havoc Pennington might be pushing to move GNOME over to .NET, which strikes me as an excellent idea—it would keep the developers busy for ages while simultaneously dooming GNOME.)