Ronald Reagan: Obituary by Ronald Reagan, responses derived from his Iran-Contra testimony in 1992

How do you feel about Ronald Reagan’s death?


You know something? I’m trying to remember now who was Reagan.

Ronald Reagan was President of the USA.

I can’t tell you or remember when he left that job.

Did you, Ronald Reagan, achieve a great deal?

I think so, but I can’t swear anymore.

What about your great statesmanship?

I just don’t have a clear-cut memory of the specific meetings or anything on it.

What would you say your legacy was?

I’m very embarrassed… I’m sorry. It’s like I wasn’t president at all.

You kept a diary, perhaps you could use that to refresh your memory of your achievements?

I’m not fooling when I say that when I started reading the diary the other day, I couldn’t even remember writing the things that I was writing about.

What was the guiding principle of Reaganomics?

I don’t know what that would have been about.

People have spoken of your courage.

I don’t have a memory of that.

…and your great achievements.

I had forgotten about that.

Do you remember your optimism?

No, I can’t say that I do.

What about tha victory over Communism?

Well, I don’t remember it, but I agree with it.

You helped push through a great deal of legislative reform, didn’t you?

I don’t remember the details at all.

What about the whole business of allegedly shipping missiles to Iran?

I’m saying nothing but the missiles that we sold—and remember, there are too many people that are saying ‘gave.’ They bought them.

How will you be remembered?

I’m still a little mad right now.