Donate to the Kerry campaign? I don’t think so.

John Kerry raised more money from paid lobbyists than any other Senator in the last 15 years. His wife earned $5.1 million in 2003, and has a $500 million fortune. They own five homes, valued at over $30 million, and a 42′ powerboat worth $700,000 for casual fun. Kerry also raked in a cool $57 million in campaign contributions during Q1 2004.

In short, John Forbes Kerry is rolling in it. The idea of anyone on a normal income feeling the need to give him even more money is a sick joke. Added to that, he’s a fully paid-for corporate special interest candidate who knows exactly how to get cash hand-over-fist, and he’s a lying two-faced weasel.

Sure, he’s slightly less of a liar and less of a corporate whore than Bush. Great. In fact, the only reason anyone seems to be able to come up with to vote for Kerry is “He’s not Bush”. You don’t need a major advertising campaign to get that message out to the people. They’re already working it out for themselves.

If the Democrats wanted my time and money they’d have picked Howard Dean.