As sara was in the pharmacy yesterday around 11, I sat in the car and scanned for interesting FM stations. I soon found 89.1 FM, which is supposed to be KEOS.

There was something interesting being broadcast. It sounded like a CD was skipping endlessly. I sat and listened to it for a while, in case it turned out to be something by Oval or Pan sonic, but no, it was some kind of equipment glitch.

Fifteen minutes later, the station was still pumping out the same glitch. My guess is that the station was running unattended, and some piece of digital equipment went nuts and decided to play the same fraction of a second over and over again.

Ironically, I listened to the result for much longer than I would have listened to their scheduled output.

In more exciting news (for me, anyway), we’ve found a house we want in the Bouldin Creek area, and put in an offer. More news when we get it.

Update: They accepted our offer! Now to sort out the mortgage specifics.

This morning we went to Kirby Lane Café and got brunch for two with coffee for $12.50 including tip. The fact that Mexican food for breakfast seems right to me suggests that I’ll fit in here.