Not missing the snow either, thank you

After several days of enthusiastic rain, the weather finally let up this afternoon. We had gone to the Spider House Café, and I’d done a good chunk of work, so when the sun came out we decided to go and see the new Zilker Park Waterfall. It seems that the Colorado river is rather beefier than usual, and is flowing over the dam in a great brown stinky torrent.

Since we were downtown and hungry, we decided to go to Z’ Tejas. We’d almost gone there once before, but had made a hasty retreat when faced with a sign saying ‘Valet Parking’. Where I’m from, valet parking means you need a personal loan to afford the appetizers.

However, it turns out that that’s not the case for Z’ Tejas. I guess you could view it as expensive by Austin standards, in that you can easily spend $30 each if you go for an appetizer and dessert. Anyhow, the food was excellent—we had enchiladas that were packed with more mushrooms than Timothy Leary and drenched in mole. Dessert was the ancho chile fudge pie, declared the second best food treat in Austin in a magazine this month. I can believe it. Who knew that adding chile to chocolate fudge would work and bring out the chocolate flavor?

Incidentally, working in small coffee houses is very feasible here. Everywhere has free wi-fi. In Austin, even Hooters has free wi-fi, I keep meaning to take a photo of the big orange banner they’ve put up to tell everyone.