With friends like these…

Apparently there’s a manufacturer of medical devices called C.R. Bard, Inc. Apparently they are very upset about the fact that people have been using their BARDEX trademark when writing enema fetish stories. I say ‘apparently’ because enemas aren’t my bag, baby, and I had never heard of BARDEX before; sorry for any disappointment this revelation may cause.

Anyhow, C.R. Bard have hired a crack team of corporate lawyers to sniff out all the enema fetish web sites on the Internet, and write them threatening cease and desist letters if any of their stories involve BARDEX equipment.

Make note: BARDEX brand products are not intended for giving enemas, sexy or otherwise. On no account should phrases like “BARDEX enema” be casually tossed off in Internet postings, and a phrase like “BARDEX vodka enema suicide” is right out.

So be careful with your enema enthusiasm, or you might take it up the ass from a team of lawyers. And in a bad way.