Club Talk

CLUB TALK, a Glossary of Terms

the art of shallow conversation regarding “in” topics with the intention of making a possible biz connection.
scene maker
a hipster who is obsessed with sticking out in a crowd
obsessively trendy, too obvious
someone who wants to be in the trendy scene but hasn’t crossed the line. Everyone starts as a wannabe
promotional premiums; Webster’s Dictionary definition: loot
Club Rats
patrons that go to clubs seven nights a week, and whose entire social lives revolve around nightclubs
person who guards the velvet rope and decides who gets into a trendy nightclub
The List
the guest list; you have to know somebody or be somebody to be on it
other people’s cigarettes
Club Hopping
visiting many clubs in one night
Drink Ticket
a piece of paper good for a free drink
Can I Groove A Jump Off Your Bake
May I light my cigarette off of yours?

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