Success criteria

From The Jewish Ethicist:

Q. I’m a corporate lawyer new to the Jewish dating scene. My suggested date gave me a lengthy questionnaire. Am I allowed to bill the time it takes to fill out and deduct it from the cost of dinner?

I don’t know where to even begin. But the reply boggles my mind just as much:

[…] singles who use these exclusive screens are able to find many more prospects, go out with many more dates, and are successful in delaying marriage for much longer.

Delaying marriage is the success criterion for dating?

As you are a lawyer, I don’t need to tell you that you should insist that your date sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the content of the questionnaire. […] The most ethical solution is to calculate the amount of money people are normally paid to fill out dating questionnaires in the marketplace.

If the questionnaire respondent is a woman, then the same principles apply in reverse. You should demand a more expensive dinner to cover your paperwork expenses.

I can’t help feeling that if someone made a joke about this in a TV show or movie, they’d be lynched for being anti-semitic.