The L word

You’ve all seen that “looter” is an irregular verb for white people in the media: “I am commandeering essential supplies, you are finding essential goods, they are looting”. You’ve also all seen the compassionate Conservatives criticizing people for not evacuating. Here’s something new: calling people looters for stealing an abandoned bus in order to evacuate.

Ask yourself this: If I were in New Orleans wading through sewage-filled water and dodging bullets, if I’d waited days to be evacuated by the authorities but seen no action on their part, would I steal a bus to survive?

Speaking personally, hell yeah. I’d steal anything up to and including an army tank in order to get myself and my friends and family to safety. Not that I’ve ever driven a tank, of course; but I’m sure I’d learn pretty quickly with that kind of motivation. And this guy packed the bus with complete strangers and drove them non-stop to Houston.

The news media call it an “extreme act of looting”. I call it taking initiative and showing compassion for your fellow man.

Actually, maybe I should take some tank-driving lessons in Dallas. You never know when something like that will come in handy.