Anything I still can’t deal with is therefore my own problem

Well, the beloved parental units are now back in the UK, about to fly off to Ireland. Life here is gradually returning to normal, except for the extreme backlog of work. The original plan was that they would drive off and explore Texas Tuesday thru Thursday each week, then Friday thru Monday I’d take time off work and we’d do family stuff together. In the event, they stayed here for the entire three weeks.

Dad did a bunch of random household things that I just hadn’t managed to get to, like removing the ghastly chandelier in the dining room and replacing it with a modern one, and wiring around the dimmer circuits on the ceiling fan lamps.

More excitingly, they recently got broadband, and we managed to sell them on the idea of video chat. Having done that, we managed to upsell the idea of a Mac, so they took home a new Mac Mini. Mum is now able to use iPhoto to straighten, crop, correct and print digital camera photos, something she had failed to master using Photoshop Elements on Windows. I also set her up with a non-Hotmail mail account, with Apple Mail ready to go, and imported her address book. She was amazed by how easy it was to e-mail sensibly-sized photos, type in names and have the address appear automatically, and so on.

As a side effect, we now have iChat + iSight. I couldn’t justify buying the camera before, but staying in touch with my family was a compelling purpose. Not that I know many other people with iSight, but…