Squirrel roll call

Update: Squirrels seen humping on 2005-10-13. Additional squirrels likely. FYI gestation period around 44 days, followed by 2-3 months of weaning.

Blacktip is the Alpha Squirrel. His tail is rough in shape at the end, as if he has lost part of it, and black at the tip. His preferred feeding technique is to climb the slippery pole the squirrel bungee is suspended from, lean out, grab the bungie cable with his front paws, reel in the corncob, and try to chew off some corn before his back paws lose grip. He doesn’t like the feed box much; he doesn’t like leaning into it, and doesn’t like climbing in all the way, so he ends up a squirrel sandwich between the box and the lid.

Longtail was the first squirrel to work out the feed box. He usually climbs all the way in, picks up some food, then sticks out his head to chew, watching for approaching enemies from inside the box. His bungee technique is to jump very slightly, grab the bottom of the corncob, and then climb paw-over-paw until he’s dangling in the air and gently bobbing. He’ll then grab some corn, drop to the ground, and eat it there. He also likes sunbathing on tree branches.

The Twins are almost impossible to tell apart. They’re mostly seen chasing each other from tree to tree. At least one of them feeds at the box by leaning all the way in, leaving his butt sticking out. One time Twin #1 was feeding, and Twin #2 approached and shoved the lid down on him with a paw. A major chase ensued.

Tiny is a new arrival, first seen today. He’s smaller than all the others, but fiesty—as I replaced the corncob, he sat on the tree a meter away and growled at me. I’m guessing he’s a squirrel teenager acting out, or maybe he’s just angry because he hasn’t worked out how to open the box yet. He’s also the squirrel seen humping another squirrel.