The cobbler’s children

I decided it was way, way past time I got my web site in better order. It was getting embarrassing that my ‘content management system’ (CMS) was a bunch of text files in folders, and that whenever I wanted to find something I’d written I had to resort to find . -exec grep.

For a while I entertained the idea of building my own CMS. However, I finally decided that there were much more creative and enjoyable things I could be doing than bringing work home, so I went with something someone else wrote. I may do a new site design; right now I’m using a standard template.

Getting all my existing data into the new system was a Simple Matter Of Programming. The CMS is built on Ruby On Rails, so I was able to write some code to run through the filesystem, find all the existing data, patch it up appropriately, and store it in the relational database. I implemented some heuristics to guess the missing time zone information based on the date and where I typically was at that time, so timestamps should mostly be accurate to within an hour or so. (I wasn’t totally precise about DST.)

Aside from search, pings, flickr integration, easy editing, an API for handy software, and other stuff that’s fun for me, the new system also brings the much-requested return of comments. Be good.