Piss poor

Nintendo have officially announced the name of their next generation console: Wii. Pronounced ‘wee’. I kid you not.

Congratulations, Nintendo. You’re up against stiff competition, and we weren’t sure you could pull it off; but with a branding decision like this, urine the running for sure. The guy who came up with this name must be a real whiz. How did you think of it? It’s a bit of a riddle, for sure.

No doubt there will be a shower of solid gold hit software—a veritable golden shower of games. You’ll be flush with cash in no time. I can see you being number one in the industry, oh yeah.

I hope you keep the multiple color options, I’m sure kids will love asking each other “What color is your Wii?”. I think the porcelain white looks good myself.

2 thoughts on “Piss poor

  1. Wow, I’m so glad you decided to be just like everybody else out on the inatarwebs and make urine jokes about the name. How old are you, 12? Do you make fun of the english word “we” as well? Do you still think the way the French say the word “yes” is pee-related?

    Hopefully you’ll get over it pretty quickly. Because it’s already old.

  2. Sorry, but I’m one of the millions of people that found the Austin Powers movies funny. What do you find funny, oh master of comedy sophistication?

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