archy r.i.p.

Summer approaches, and the cockroaches are emerging. This one found his way into the bathroom. I had turned on the shower, walked into the bedroom and taken my clothes off, and when I turned around I saw him sitting on the door frame, waving his antennae gently.

This presented a problem. I have learned that the thing to do with cockroaches is to squash them very, very quickly, as they are alert and speedy little buggers. However, being naked meant I wasn’t in a position to stomp him.

I evaluated the available squashing materials. I decided I quite liked the book I was currently reading, and I hadn’t finished with the newspaper yet. Finally I found a sales brochure from a vitamin supply company, and wrapped it around a book to give it some heft.

The next problem was persuading myself to go within an arm’s reach of the foul creature. I approached hesitantly. He moved sluggishly then stopped. Whack. There was a small spurt of yellow goo, but he remained on the door frame.

I fetched the bug sucker and vacuumed him up. He didn’t make any serious attempt to escape. My theory is that when I cleaned the bathroom, I disturbed the roach motel in the corner, and he crawled out half dead.

This is the first cockroach in about 6 months. I did find a dead one with his legs torn off on the back deck a week ago; I’m guessing he had emerged from slumber, but a lizard had attacked him him before he could make it into the house.

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  1. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t squash them because they might be pregnant, and you end up distributing the eggs around the room.

    Pleasant dreams!

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