Community quiz

1. It’s 10:30 at night. You’re watching TV, when someone knocks quietly on the front door. Do you:

  1. Answer the door.
  2. Ignore it.
  3. Yell “Go away.”
  4. Pretend you’re not in.
  5. Call the police.
  6. Fetch your gun.

2. Imagine you open the door. It’s dark, and a light rain has recently stopped. There’s a man at the door. He’s reasonably well dressed, but has torn the pocket of his trousers on something. He’s not obviously drunk or high. He starts to tell you a somewhat confused story involving a broken down car. Do you:

  1. Listen politely.
  2. Shut the door on him.
  3. Tell him to go away.
  4. Threaten to call the police.
  5. Close the door and actually call the police.
  6. Fetch your gun.

3. Imagine you have allowed him to finish his story of woe. He tells you that he was at a restaurant with friends, but that his car broke down, and that it seems the battery is cracked and he doesn’t have the cash to go to the nearest store and get a replacement. He begs you for some money, promising to give it back as soon as he can. He offers to leave his military ID with you as some kind of collateral.

Suppose for the sake of this exercise that the amount he’s asking for is of no consequence to you; that you could blow that much on CDs and not have to think about it. Suppose you also have a pretty good idea that his story doesn’t really hold up, and that you’re very unlikely to see the money again. Do you:

  1. Give him the money anyway.
  2. Give him the money, but insist on collateral.
  3. Shut the door on him.
  4. Tell him that you know he’s scamming you, and that he should go away.
  5. Threaten to call the police.
  6. Close the door and actually call the police.
  7. Fetch your gun.
  8. Dear god, please don’t tell me you actually gave him money, you idiot.

You don’t have to give your reasoning, and there are no prizes.