Tech Support Tales: Dead laptop

User: I can’t do anything right now, my laptop’s broken.

Me: Don’t you still have that spare I set up for you?

User: That one’s broken as well.

Me: Maybe I can get it running again. I know it’s old and the IT people won’t fix it, but it’s better than nothing.

User: Well, it’s not really a problem with the software.

Me: I’ve got spare RAM and hard drives.

User: Well, it’s a bit embarrassing really. Don’t tell anyone, but…I backed my car over it.

Me: Accidentally?

User: Of course accidentally!

Me: But…how?

User: I was in the parking lot, and I put it on the ground while I put some stuff in the trunk. Then I forgot it was there.

† I feel that ethically speaking, an anonymized story like this doesn’t constitute telling anyone.