Yahoo Answers

Yahoo added this area where people ask (mostly dumb) questions, and anyone can offer their (frequently uninformed) answers.

It’s strangely addictive. It’s a bit like the Internet Oracle, without the stale old traditions said institution picked up over the years.

I tend to alternate between useful and bizarre/smartass answers. Some examples of the latter:

Q: What in your toilet can make the water blue? I haven’t put tabs in for months.

A: Is it an atomic toilet? If so, it could be Cherenkov Radiation.

Q: Is there a differance between the sound of an emergency vehicle in Italy and one in the U.S.?

A: Yes. The one in Italy will sound a lot quieter, because it’s very far away. Unless you’re in Europe, in which case the one in the USA will sound quieter.

Q: My 14 yr old son is always masturbating … I have also caught him with dirty movies. Is he going through a phase?

A: Yeah, it’s a phase men go through. It’ll stop when he hits 65 or so.

Q: Does anyone have chickens?

A: No, nobody does. Chickens are a myth perpetrated by the egg conspiracy.

Q: Is there a way to develop psychic intuition?

A: I think if you concentrate you’ll know the answer.