Drinks on a Plane

When I wrote “alleged foiling of a terrorist plot”, I did wonder if I was being too cynical. Apparently not:

A senior British official knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the case.

In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.

So, nobody was about to get on a plane after all, with or without explosive hair gel or deadly iPods. They hadn’t even carried out their first dry run.

And the fact that police felt they needed more evidence suggests to me that it will eventually emerge that there was very little evidence at all.