Jason Fortuny for hopefully the last time

It’s not surprising to find that while Jason Fortuny can dish out people’s private information, he isn’t as happy when his public information is publicized.

While he continues to bluster about not being scared of the people he lied to and embarrassed, I note that he has removed his address and phone number from his whois entry.

When someone posted a summary of his criminal record on his journal, he deleted the posting. When they re-posted it elsewhere, someone got their account yanked. (Hmm, I wonder who?)

Of course, it’s all public information these days, so LiveJournal are just being stupid as usual. You can go to the Washington State courts web site, enter his name in their name search, and up comes his case history.

I’m not sure what you have to do to end up in court in a criminal traffic case, but he’s been there 5 times. More interesting is the civil commercial case which resulted in a judgement against him. Perhaps someone with nothing better to do will request a copy of the document and post the details on their web site. Me, I’m hoping he fades into obscurity.