Throbbing lobes

I have an ear infection. I’m not really sure how I got it. The only thing I’ve stuck in my ear recently is a finger, so I must have nicked my inner ear with a sharp bit of fingernail or something. So now my lymph nodes are swollen and my ear aches and my head is throbbing in sympathy.

It’s my right ear. This presents a problem, as I generally sleep on my right side. Last night was largely sleepless. I went to the doctor today and got prescribed some eardrops and a course of just-in-case antibiotics.

The Prius is being repaired; the perpetrator’s insurance is paying. This meant I had the excitement of driving a Ford Taurus, and once again being reminded of how much I’ve been spoilt by having the Prius as my first car. Still, the Taurus is undeniably better than that Chevy Cavalier was.

On Sunday I made a totally fruitless attempt to purchase a Nintendo Wii. Everyone was very nice about it, though.

Nice ad from Google and 7-11:

I have no joke here, I just like saying “Turn your Slurpee into Wii.”