My glFrustrum got bigger?

Since I got my new glasses, DVD cases on shelves look suspiciously small. At first I wondered if it was some new smaller design of DVD case. However, DVDs themselves are obviously still the same size, and inspecting a case reveals that it’s only just wide enough to encompass the diameter of the disc.

OK, you may think, no mystery here. New glasses. However, my new glasses are exactly the same prescription as the old ones. What’s more, DVDs still look the same size when I’m holding them close to me; they only look smaller on the shelves, at medium distance. It’s almost like my eyes have switched to wide angle lenses. I can only think that it’s an odd perceptual effect caused by the fact that my new glasses have a much wider field of view. At medium distance, there’s now a lot more stuff clearly in focus within my field of view, so things look smaller.