The parakeet is tired, but he will succeed

The parakeet finally came home with us on Monday, as he seemed to have settled down to life without other birds in his cage. He traveled from the pet store in a little cardboard box with air holes in. Unfortunately, the store is the other side of Austin, so by the time he got here he was huddled in the corner of the box, terrified.

We returned him to the cage, and set up his food and water. He spent Monday evening in what looked like a state of shock or misery, his head low. He didn’t really move or make a sound, and we felt rather concerned for him.

This morning I woke him when I went down to make coffee. He was more alert, but still very quiet. He had a morning handling from rothko, and we weighed him to check he was maintaining his weight. A mere 28g, but that’s apparently healthy.  He spent most of the afternoon sitting quietly. When I checked on him he would occasionally yawn, or fluff himself up.

I think he was basically recuperating, because after I finished work he suddenly perked up. Half way through my exercise break he suddenly started chirping loudly. He wandered around the cage, played with his toys a little, then went to the food dishes and started eating.

I think he spent a good couple of hours filling his face. At one point he paused and went and got a drink, then returned to the food; this resulted in his beak getting the dietary supplement powder stuck all over it, which was pretty amusing.  He sat and digested for a bit and watched me. After a while longer he took some of the crunchy food (seed and fruit-flavored pellets), and sat and munched at it noisily on the upper perch.

By around 9:30 he was looking sleepy and content. So I’m feeling better about his general health. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be back to his normal self, clambering around like he did in the pet store.