Nice “work” if you can get it

Total current budget for Maine nuclear inspectorate: $276,000/year.

Number of employees: 2.

Salaries: $71,000/year for nuclear safety inspector, $76,000/year for his advisor.

Year when safety inspector job was supposedly eliminated: 2005.

Total nuclear facilities in Maine: 0.

[source ]

Salary of Clerk of Court in Pasco, Florida: $136,576.

Number of days you have to fail to bother to turn up in order to be sackable: 44.

Resulting number of days of work required per annum: 8.

Number of days you have to be retired to get full retirement benefits: 1

Additional income the current Clerk of Court gets because he retired for a day during one of his absences: $6,242.34 per month.

[source ]