Music dream

Last night I dreamed that I met Bev Bevan. I tried not to be a fanboy. I mentioned that I really didn’t like “Discovery”, except for the final track–which of course is dominated by his drumming. He replied that the album had been a difficult time for the band, and that that one track had been the one where it actually seemed like they were working together again. I wanted to ask about whether he had patched things up with Jeff Lynne, but knew that would be a bad idea. In the end he autographed my copy of “Out of the Blue”. And then I woke up.

Back in reality, the dream was obviously the result of my finally buying the remastered limited edition release of “Out of the Blue”. I had held off for a long time, because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the previous CD. Then a 40% off coupon at Border’s tempted me… and I was wrong. The remastered edition is far better than the previous remastering, which was in turn better than the original 2 CD release… which, of course, was better than my vinyl copy.

So yeah, I’ve bought this album four times now. That’s a new personal record, beating the three official releases and one bootleg of New Musik’s “Warp”. And apparently there’s a $25 Japanese 2CD release that sounds even better…