Sony goes stupid (again)

Sony has revised the terms of service for the PlayStation Network. The new TOS says:

You may not provide anyone with your name or any other personally identifying information other than your own Online ID

As it happens, I broke the new TOS twice at the weekend without realizing it at the time. I’ve told people in Team Fortress 2 and Burnout Paradise both my name, and the fact that I live in Austin, TX.

I can see a case for prohibiting disclosing someone else’s identity. (Key words being “disclosing” and “someone else’s”.) However, if I want to tell people online where I live, I don’t see how that is any of Sony’s business. Furthermore, since my PSN ID is just my name with a random number appended, does that mean I need to change my ID? That’s awkward, as Sony’s system doesn’t let you do so. Perhaps I should send an e-mail to customer support?