Media empire

A quick reminder of my media empire (as Ed put it):

  • This is the personal web site, for writing about politics, parakeets, back trouble, weird dreams, and the like.
  • Over at is the work web site, for writing about computers, programming, IBM, and business.
  • Random links are posted (with comments) to
  • The day-to-day trivia of random thoughts and info about what I’m doing get posted to Twitter.
  • Blog postings that I read and think are worth sharing are shared via Google Reader.
  • Photos are posted to Flickr.

Some or all of the above also make their way into Friendfeed and Facebook. I don’t post directly to Facebook much, because its API is horrible and bits of it are walled off.

All of the above have web feeds so you can subscribe.

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4 thoughts on “Media empire

  1. I thought it was already happening via Friendfeed, but apparently not, so I deleted the Friendfeed application and set up most of the other things manually.

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