Even parity

We got a call from Gallery of Pets saying that they had taken delivery of two hand-raised budgies. We drove up yesterday evening to check them out. We came home with a new bird, a small temporary cage, some new toys, and some new veggie-enriched food.

The new bird is very young, barely fully-fledged. Her cheek patches are still stick feathers, and her vent is bare. She seems to be a climber. Because she was reared by a small breeder, she’s already hand-tame and used to finding food in a cage, which should allow us to start introducing the two birds this week rather than having to tame her first.

She’s much more active than Chester was when we first got him, less scared of her new environment.

(Note that in general, if you get a new bird you should quarantine it for 30 days in case it has any illness that can be passed on to the rest of your flock. In this case, since new ‘keet is from an independent breeder and the same store, seems good and healthy, and Chester is robustly healthy too, we’re risking early introduction.)