New budgie, day 2

This morning I put some seed on a piece of paper so she could “forage”. She seems to prefer eating that way.

I let both birds out. Today they are getting on well. They just sat together for about 10 minutes, with Chester quietly preening the new girlie. However, the only place where she felt secure enough for that was on my shoulder, snuggled against the back of my neck. Nevertheless, it seems clear to me now that they’re going to be good friends.

New girl also loves playing with my earrings. She hopped onto the side of my cereal bowl and had a taste, but wasn’t too impressed with the Shredded Wheat.

Now Chester’s over on the play gym by the window, and girlie is snuggling my neck and preening.

Whoever trimmed her flight feathers did a pretty savage job. She can’t do more than fall like a stone. Oh well, they’ll grow back, and as with Chester, we’ll let her keep them if she stays well behaved and safe.