Antipodean avian addenda

Baby girl budgie had her first bath, after Chester showed her how.

Although she’s hand-tame, she still has trust issues–if she’s in the cage and doesn’t want to come out, she’ll run away and hide in the corner when you approach. Ah well, eventually she’ll learn that I don’t do the “grab the bird and make it come out” thing.

I got another play gym, a larger one. I also cleared enough space on my desk that I can put both of them next to each other. I’m hoping both ‘keets will spend the afternoon with me.

She’s eating well; in fact, she seems to spend a lot more time eating than Chester does. She already looks larger than when we got her, especially in the evenings when she’s content and fluffed up.

She has reintroduced Chester to the joys of sitting on my shoulders, which was wonderful until they decided to stop preening each other and preen me instead. I guess I need to carefully remove any random neck or ear hairs, and make sure I’ve shaved recently…

We still need a name for her, so suggestions are welcomed. Something cute and slightly comical, that works well as a counterpart to “Chester”. Perhaps a name related to green-and-yellow-ness, or to climbing and clowning.