CP 1222 00334466 [updated x2]

I had a mysterious charge show up on my credit card bill. The only identifying information was CP 1222 00334466.

By using Google and pondering for a while, I came to the conclusion that it was the World Market store on Brodie Lane, whose parent company is Cost Plus. The 1222 00334466 part is some kind of state-mandated identity number.

2009-12-27: ████ ██████ [who is apparently scared of people learning where he gets gas] wrote to me about this post, saying that he discovered it was the Philips gas station on South Lamar; so CP in that case would be Conoco Philips.

Both are Austin businesses I frequent on occasion, so perhaps the next person finding a mysterious charge on their card can provide a casting vote?

In either case, perhaps the business in question could set up their credit card billing to be more informative?