Apples not falling far from trees

As a listener to various Radio 4 programmes, I’ve heard Carol Thatcher being entertaining on a number of occasions. More than once I pondered how hard it must have been for her to step out from under her mother’s evil shadow.

Oh well, so much for that thought. Apparently Ms Thatcher compared professional tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to a golliwog , and then refused to issue an apology, resulting in her being fired by the BBC.

Boris Johnson has rushed to defend her gaffe , which is a bit like having Jeffrey Archer defend your fiscal probity. The Daily Telegraph, ever mindful of keeping things in perspective, has compared the BBC to a Chinese Communist re-education camp . Over 2,000 people have called the BBC to complain about the sacking, and probably to ask for re-runs of the Black and White Minstrel Show while they’re at it.