Cataloging rats

I just went through my Google Reader subscriptions, and removed everyone who hasn’t posted anything in over a year. It seems like the majority of the LiveJournal users I was following have jumped ship. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t post anything saying where they jumped ship to. Some of them are on Facebook, but most aren’t, so I suppose my notional social network just shrank.

Shrank, not shrunk. It should have been “Honey, I Shrank The Kids”. I note this because last night, we got into a discussion of span vs spun. It was one of those situations where I was sure of the correct answer right up until I paused to think about it carefully, at which point the word ‘span’ suddenly seemed totally made up. The OAD lists it as archaic. I don’t have an OED subscription, but apparently both words are listed as synonyms there. Since I switched to doing my best to write in US English when I emigrated, I guess I’ll have to get used to ‘spun’.