Why the iPad is awesome

  1. The world has been crying out for a $500 e-book reader and the chance to read books on an LCD.
    1. Nobody reads books outdoors, so a screen I can’t read outdoors is perfect.
    2. Nobody listens to music or has IM running while browsing the web, or edits documents with a web browser open.
    3. The lack of multi-tasking brings back the joys of the authentic 1984 Macintosh experience.
    4. Look, if I really want to listen to music while I’m working, I’ll use my iPod.
    5. No, it doesn’t have a camera. I can use my digital camera for that, and then import the pictures using a USB cable and the USB cable dongle. Nobody uses video chat.
    6. You don’t understand it, it’s all about convergence.
    7. It’s not a computer, so it doesn’t matter that it can only run software Apple approves of.
    8. It’s a computer, so I don’t need to carry my laptop or netbook around.
    9. I love having a single vendor dictate what I can and can’t do with the hardware I buy.
    10. Nobody uses Flash. That’s why nobody plays those stupid Facebook games or watches Hulu or uses Flickr.
    11. Needing dongles for USB, storage and recharging the battery helps keep the initial cost down, as well as giving me more excuses to visit the Apple store each time I lose one.
    12. Word processing on a glass touch keyboard will be great. Anyway, you can buy the keyboard dock add-on, at which point the iPad will be as good for writing as a $200 netbook with no multi-tasking that you can’t use on your lap.
    13. Look, nobody wanted an OS X tablet.

© 2010 all Apple fanboys.

Mostly for Gareth.