Fun game for car journeys

From “Stay Free” magazine:

Here’s a road-trip game that won’t exactly change the world but will at least give you a laugh at SUV drivers’ expense. Take almost any SUV model (the Ford Explorer, for instance), add “Anal” to the title, and— presto!—you have the Anal Explorer, or the Anal Rodeo, or whatever. There’s something about SUVs that makes them more conducive to this semiotic game of revenge than cars (the Anal Civic doesn’t really work, nor does the Anal Camry). That’s because most SUV names are all about dominance and penetration: of nature, puny cars, or pedestrians. If SUVs are the tops of the vehicu- lar world, then I guess that makes the rest of us bot- toms, and if you’ve ever had an Anal Blazer on your ass, then you know what I’m talking about.

—Kembrew McLeod