Google/Android tip: Birthday reminders

If you open up Google Calendar and choose the Add link under “Other calendars” (on the left), there’s an option to “Browse Interesting Calendars”.

On the Interesting Calendars page is a “More” tab.

On the More tab is “Contacts’ birthdays and events”. This magic calendar contains the birthdays and anniversaries for everyone in your Google address book, which of course is synced with your Android contact list.

The next step is to get reminders somewhere where you’ll see them. If you go to the details page for the “Contacts’ birthdays and events” calendar, under Calendar Address there are three links to access the calendar in XML, iCal and HTML format.

If you pick HTML format, a pop-up box provides you with the calendar page as the URL of a regular web page. A link under that takes you to a Configuration Tool which will let you customize the page.

Configure the page to be agenda format. Now you have an HTML page which will list the next few upcoming birthdays, continuously updated. You can add this to your favorite web portal, or put it on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can use Android Agenda Widget to put a widget on your phone’s home screen that shows a list of events from the calendar.