US Music Find bogus charges

Just got my landline bill, and it had a charge from “US MUSIC FIND INC” for $14.99. A Google search located them; they’re apparently a ringtone vendor offering ringtones each month for a monthly fee.

Ringtones for my landline? Oh, you’d better believe I didn’t sign up for that. I don’t even buy ringtones for my cell phone, because it’ll play any old MP3 file as a ringtone and I’m more than capable of making my own. I also highly doubt that a ringtone vendor would have any music I’d be interested in anyway. And of course, if I did want to spend money on ringtones, I’d just go to T-Mobile’s store, since it’s right there on the phone.

So I called ILD Telecommunications Inc via the number on my bill. They are apparently the billing provider for US Music Find. They said they’d refund the charge–and the charge they were planning to put on my next month’s bill.

I then called AT&T, and was told that there’s no way to block premium services like this from being billed to an AT&T landline account. Instead, they marked the $14.99 as disputed, so I won’t get late fees on it.

Another quick Google search reveals a stream of complaints about ILD Teleservices and US Music Find Inc. Will they indeed process the credit as promised? Watch this space.