Macintosh RIP: 1984–2012

OS X is now no longer Mac OS X. The Mac is dead.

Meanwhile, the next release of OS X will, by default, refuse to allow unsigned code to run. As I predicted, Lion was the last unlocked OS X, and OS X Mountain Lion ships jailed, like iOS. And good luck selling your software if it requires turning off the ‘security’ of GateKeeper; never mind that the OS X malware threat is practically nonexistent.

For now Apple gives you a way to jailbreak your Mac for free, but I expect that option to disappear with the next release. You’ll pay an annual developer fee and submit your code-signing keys to Apple, and in return you’ll get shell access and the ability to run your own code on your own computer. It’ll be just like iPhone and iPad, where you pay $99 a year to be able to run your own code on ‘your’ device.

And as people on Google+ have pointed out, it won’t be long before the corporate interests start politely asking Apple to revoke developer keys.

That emulator you like playing games on? Oh, sorry, Nintendo and Atari asked Apple and they disabled it. Your copy of VLC? Oh, sorry, the MAFIAA threatened Apple with a lawsuit for enabling playback of pirate movies, so it was disabled. Your DVD ripping software? What, you need to ask?

So I guess I’m moving to Linux. I’m sure there will still be people content to live in denial about how this is going to go, but I’m not one of them.

I started using the Mac in 1986. Bought my first Mac in 1990. So I’d just like to repeat a big ‘fuck you’ to all the lemmings who bought locked-down iPhones and iPads, and convinced Apple they could get away with this.